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Stanton ST-150 Turntable Review

We recommend the Stanton ST-150 Professional Analog Turntables to any DJ who is very serious about their work and needs a serious machine to level up their skills.


  • Platter
  • Slipmat
  • Counterweight
  • 45-rpm adapter
  • AC cord
  • RCA cable
  • Target light
  • Headshell
  • Deckadance software key.


450(W) x 353 (D) x 146 (H)mm Weight: 10.5Kgs


  • Price is hard to beat for what this turntable offers.
  • Easy installation.
  • Powerful direct-drive motor.
  • Great build quality.


  • It doesn’t come with a plastic dust cover.
  • Lack of recovery from scratching.


  • Direct drive turntable featuring motor torque up to 4.5kg
  • Heavy-duty aluminum construction, with very low resonance base
  • 22.5 lbs/ 10.2 kg
  • S-Curved tonearm with height fine adjust and anti-skate (ST.150 M2)
  • Straight tonearm with height fine adjust (STR8.150 M2)
  • Ultra stable, damped platter
  • Adjustable brake speed
  • Selectable pitch control [8, 25 & 50% range] with Quartz Lock
  • Speed 33, 45 and 78 including Reverse
  • Removable target light and adjustable shock-absorption feet
  • Selectable Phono or Line RCA Outputs
  • Slipmat, 45 adapters, and right-angled cable included
  • A full version of Deckadance DVS Software included


It is very heavy. 40 plus pound or 10 plus Kg. The unit has a nice finish to it. Nice rubberized bottom texture. Everything is super solid super heavy-duty all-steel construction. I mean you can’t really go wrong with a turntable of this caliber.

You’ve got the start and stop buttons on both sides. You’ve got the motor on-off switch as well as a separate start and stop or start and brake adjustment so that you can change the rate at which the platter starts and stops.

You also have a reverse button a key lock button and you can select the pitch range as you see fit. There’s an 8% 25% and 50% that you can select here and you have a nice rubberized pitch slider.

Everything feels really solid and you also have a pitch-black but you hear the top you have a height adjustment for your actual rear of your counterbalance area of the tonearm.

Everything is all metal. Everything is just built to last and everything just exudes top quality. You have your feet which are spring-loaded. To give you a nice cushion when you set it down.


Around the back, you have your inputs and outputs along with your power three-prong AC input. You have your right and left. Outputs here for the sound and you also have a digital output as well.

You can run these in phone or mode or inline mode depending on how you have the switch and the grabbing is internal. So it goes through the actual round of the power cord.

So now since we have it all set up and ready to go we can talk about the most important feature of all the reason why you spend your hard-earned money on an ST-50.

And basically, that is the motor. It’s basically one of the most powerful direct-drive motors you can get on the market today. It’s more powerful than the twelve hundred motors and is basically indestructible.

I mean anything you throw at this thing scratching why you know turntables while juggling whatever you need to do with it it’s going to be right there for you right on par for you it’s basically a scratchers dream.

They use these at these crash Academy which is world-famous for going through lots and lots of abuse from all the students there and the instructors who really show you guys how to scratch on really good decks and these are what they use these are their standards.

So I had to go with a pair because that is considered the industry standard so it’ll last me a long time and hopefully I get a lot of good use out of it.


Yes, we recommend the Stanton ST-150 and STR8-150 Professional Analog Turntables to any DJ who is very serious about their work and needs a serious machine to level up their skills.

The ST-150/STR8-150 turntables are by far the best analog turntable on the market. After using a lot of turntables in my Dj carrier, I would more than happy to agree with the long life of this turntable also cool looking too.

Stanton ST-150/STR8-150 turntables make anyone more than happy and satisfied with this super-high quality and heavy-duty turntable build quality.

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