What are the best earplugs for DJs

You’re hearing as a deejay and in general just as a human being is one of the most important things ever.

It’s one of your life main senses being able to hear being able to communicate. Hearing is super important. Imagine if you couldn’t hear and you tried to deejay it’d be really hard.


The short answer to that is the high fidelity earplugs. They’re going to keep pretty much the whole entire quality of the sound intact but they’re going to reduce the sound level so that it does not damage or hurt your hearing.

So how do you protect your hearing when you’re doing school dances that have where we bring out the sound meter right we’re pushing it one 110 dB. Let say you’re going to an EDM festival in your front row where it’s like 130 dB. It’s insanely loud.

You could just buy some earplugs but that’s what I’ll block out all sound and you’re going to lose the clarity of the music. So which do you is to look into musician earplugs or otherwise known as High Fidelity earplugs.

Now you can go on Amazon and look there are tons of these but this is the one that I actually stumbled upon and chose to go with. It comes with an awesome little capsule. And it stores all of the earplugs. And yes I said earplugs because they have three different levels of earplugs.


So the first type earplugs are just general foam earplugs that block out pretty much all sound. These are great if you have really loud annoying children at home or you have a baby that’s crying all the time you just wanna block out all sound possible.

These are a go-to especially if you need to get sleep in you guys someone that snores. Block out all sound foam earplugs.


The second type of earplugs are these soft silicone ones. These don’t block out as much as the foam ones but they do block out a majority of the sound.

These are great if you’re in really loud environments such as like a construction site a factory but you still kind of want to hear the person next to you if you’re having a conversation.

These are a great tool for you. Again you won’t have basically the greatest quality of hearing you won’t be able to hear a lot of fidelity but they will keep your ears safe in those environments.


The third type, they come in this little package is the high fidelity earplugs.

What high fidelity earplugs are going to do is they’re going to keep pretty much the whole entire quality of the sound intact but they’re going to reduce the sound level so that it does not damage or hurt your hearing.

And the way they do that is they have these little filters inside of the earplugs. These filters reduce the sound by like 15 to 20 dB.


So basically what I’m saying is if you’re at one of my high school dances standing right in front of the subwoofers which is about one 110 dB. It’s going to reduce that down to about 90 to 95 dB a lot safer for your ears.

You guys probably don’t even know this but I am always wearing these at all of those school dances. And back when I was doing the club night that pigskin we had a speaker and we were pushing 110 dB where I was standing every single night I was there.


I was wearing earplugs during those events and they were these high fidelity earplugs. One reason you guys don’t see them as because they’re pretty much hidden.

You guys literally can barely tell. Most of the time when you’re walking around at these events no one could tell that you’re wearing earplugs and I can hear my voice pretty much the same.


It just sounds like I’m a little quieter so I might be screaming they’re super comfortable. And about after say like half an hour to an hour at these really loud events you don’t even notice that you’re really wearing it.

Because they’re the really low profile you can put your headphones on over it. I really like that because I tend to actually in loud environments play my headphones really loud.

If I wasn’t where my earplugs my ear that my headphones were on, which is normally my left ear, actually hurts more than my open ear. Because I’m actually blaring my headphones at a louder dB level than what the actual sound of the room is.


I always wear these at all of my super loud events such as school dances productions clubs bars. They have little pull tabs that basically allow you to pull these out you can toss them into your little carrying case.

You can then attach this carrying case to say your deejay headphones you deejay bag your keychain your jump drive keychain for the club.

This was a very quick post about how to protect your hearing. I know a lot of younger guys out there don’t think that you need to really worry about protecting your hearing because you’re young.


I know for a fact that exposing your ears to loud environments over 100 dB repeatedly especially as a deejay you’re doing it literally like every weekend.

You really want to invest and protect in your hearing. These are not that expensive.
If you care about being a successful DJ you must protest your hearing otherwise you are out.

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